Dare To Compare!
Heiser Lincoln Is More Competitive Than You May Realize. We survey many of our competitors to ensure you a fair price for each and every service you receive from Heiser Lincoln. From our hourly labor rate to the cost of our oil changes we cost compare many of our offered services to assure the best possible value for your repair!

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Heiser Lincoln PriceFast Track GlendaleSilver Spring AutoMidas Glendale
Lube Oil and Filter Change  (Conventional Oil) $29.00 $29.00 $40.00 $29.00
Lube Oil and Filter Change (Better Blend Oil) $34.99   N/A $49.95 N/A
Lube Oil and Filter Change (Synthetic Oil) Starting at $49.99  N/A $79.99 N/A
Tire Rotation (With Tire Monitor Reset) $17.00  $21.99$20.00  N/A
Engine Air Filter $19.95  $19.95 $19.95 $24.99
Cabin Air Filter $24.95  $49.99 N/A $39.99
Change A/T Transmission Filter And Fluid  $146.00  N/A N/A N/A
Drain, Flush, And Fill Coolant  $86.95  $99.95 N/A $109.00
Front Brake Pad Replacement (Pads only, no machining)  $109.95  N/A $140.00 $169.00
A check & top off of fluids comes with

EVERY service? 

Offers Lincoln's Owner Advantage 

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Complimentary Car Wash with EVERY service? YES  NO  NO  NO
Online Scheduling?  YES  NO  NO  NO
Lincoln Motor Company Trained Technicians?  YES  NO  NO  NO
Genuine Lincoln Parts on EVERY service?  YES  NO  NO  NO
Complimentary Shuttle Service? YES  NO  NO  NO
Been in Business Since 1917?  YES  NO  NO  NO
Open Saturdays?  YES NO  NO  NO
  *Prices do not include tax   
Heiser Lincoln is Competitively Priced on Average Price in 9 out of 9 Categories **Installation charges may apply   Price Comparisons as of June 2014

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Compare Common Service & Repair Prices for Your Lincoln Car or SUV

Whether you're looking for quality maintenance and repairs, a new or used Lincoln model, or you have concerns about financing, we're ready to help where it counts. When our Milwaukee customers have questions, they know they can come to us here in Glendale WI to get answers. Our team of technicians has been trained to work on your exact Lincoln model because these repairs and maintenance services aren't a one size fits all situation. We know to use only OEM-approved parts for the best fit, and when you are looking for quality, you can't put a price on the security you get from quality service.

How Much is Your Peace of Mind Worth?

We know that the instinct for some drivers is to find the cheapest shop to do repairs, but that isn't the ideal for everyone. When our Mequon customers purchase a new Lincoln Continental, Navigator, or MKX, they know that they can rely on our team to care for it whenever the need arises. You can compare the prices of your routine service appointments against other nearby shops, but remember that when it comes to expertise when handling Lincoln models, only our team has the training and access to the OEM directly for everything you may need down the road.

Dare to Compare

Here at Heiser Lincoln, we can help you save money in many ways, including:

  • Lower prices on routine maintenance
  • Using only Lincoln-approved parts for longevity for Menomonee Falls drivers
  • We are authorized for warranty work and recalls if there should ever be any
  • We have more than one service bay to get multiple cars in at one time, shortening your wait
  • Our website can help you set up your next service appointment and order parts or accessories from the comfort of your home, 24/7
  • Commuting from Wauwatosa is worth the time because only here will you get help with transportation to work while your vehicle is in our care

There are many reasons to visit our team for the high level of care that your Lincoln car or SUV needs to maintain its lifespan, and we invite you down to discover what we can do for you. Contact us today to learn more or set up your appointment online.


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