Today at Heiser Lincoln, we want to focus on a part of the vehicle that is often ignored, but one that the Lincoln brand does a great job refining: the seats.

Seats are easy to overlook, especially when they have large touchscreens and panoramic moonroofs to contend with, but they're quite possibly one of the most important parts of the cabin! The proper seats make your commute or multi-hour rides extra enjoyable and they help provide proper ergonomics; bad news for the chiropractor's paycheck but good news for you!

Here are the three types of seats you can find on the new Lincoln lineup.

Standard 10-way power-adjustable seats: most models all come with the ability to power-adjust the front seats multiple ways. We love that the Lincoln brand has the backs of their base-model buyers in mind. The heated leather upholstery doesn't hurt either.

Ultra Comfort Seats: these leather-trimmed and ventilated front seats are available as a package for many new Lincoln models above the base trim. With the ability to power-adjust these seats 22-ways, your backseat passengers will likely offer to drive some of the way just so they can enjoy the comfort.

Perfect Position Seating: this featured is available on the luxurious Lincoln Continental and is sure to wow even the most discerning of customers or those who suffer from back issues. Here's how the 30-way seating breaks down:

  • Adjust the track 6 ways
  • Recline back 2 ways
  • Adjust the head restraint 4 ways
  • Adjust the upper back bolster 2 ways
  • Extend the cushion 4 ways
  • Change the thigh support 4 ways
  • Adjust lumbar support 4 ways
  • Adjust back bolsters 2 ways
  • Adjust cushion bolster 2 ways

Pretty impressive, right? For more information on which vehicles in our new inventory have the most advanced power seating options, stop into our dealership this week.

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