While we're big fans of Lincoln, there's a conspicuous absence from their lineup: they're missing a plug-in hybrid. Fortunately, Lincoln is full of surprises, and their most recent one is the Lincoln Aviator. Recently unveiled at the New York International Auto Show, the Lincoln Aviator will be a three-row Lincoln SUV with an available plug-in hybrid option.

The Lincoln Aviator feels like something out of the future, and it's not just because of the plug-in hybrid option. On the Lincoln Aviator, you'll be able to use your smartphone as a key. Not only can you lock and unlock the vehicle with your smartphone, you'll even be able to use your smartphone to start it and drive it. Of course, phones can run out of power, but Lincoln has thought of that. If your smartphone is dead, you can enter a passcode to get in, then you can start it with the center touchscreen.

The Lincoln Aviator looks to be an exciting new edition to our favorite auto brand. Details are still sparse at the moment, but one thing is for sure: we can't want to get one on our lot.

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